Bitcoin: What makes it the next big thing?

In this article, you will understand why bitcoin came into existence? How is it the future of money? What is the technology behind Bitcoin that makes it the next big thing? Why Bitcoin? In this world of “digital age” privacy is… Continue reading →

Introduction to Version Controlling System (VCS)

What is VCS? What is the use of this? Why it is used so widely? How does it works? It’s past? It’s architecture? Let’s start with a simple question, What is Version Controlling? It is a simple system, which manages… Continue reading →

Introduction To Social Media Analytics

Introduction There was a time when knowledge and views can only be spread via printing medium. At the same time, published articles were only of renowned fellows who were being followed by large population. This indirectly made common people to… Continue reading →

Introduction to UI/UX

Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. This is what a UI/UX design is like. Confused?? Let’s dig deeper… First of all, what is UI/UX design? User eXperience – The basic concept… Continue reading →

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